May 8, 2012

The Night Kitchen is closed. R.I.P. – Maurice Sendak

jbrown @ 10:32 am

I was very sad to wake today and read news of the passing of illustrator and author Maurice Sendak who died due to complications from a recent stroke. He was 83 on the outside and eternally 13 on the inside. Like many children over the last nearly 50 years, I grew up with Sendak’s witty writing and unmistakeable art as touchstones of my youth. “Where The Wild Things Are,” “In The Night Kitchen,” and “The Nutshell Library” are treasured totems that still reside on my book shelf and my wife and I will both admit shamelessly to having the “Really Rosie” soundtrack loaded on our iPods should the mood strike us to tunefully extoll the virtues of eating “Chicken Soup With Rice.” Farewell Mr. Sendak, you are greatly missed and forever appreciated!

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